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April 28, 2017 Gareth Jones On Speed #307 for 28 April 2017

published: 13 Apri 2017

duration: 47′ 01″

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

#307 Uber, Las Vegas and Bentley. Our Uber experiences at home and abroad. The Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept, will it work as a real car? Sniff Petrol on Alonso at Indy. Plus The On Speed band perform My Cars Electric live from 10 Years On Speed.

Gareth Jones & Carwyn Jones

Gareth Jones And The On Speed Band – My Car’s Electric (Live version)

I toyed with buying a Toyota
But a hybrid’s not my style,
I like electronics, calculators
And fuel is expensive if you pay by the mile

The fuel cell’s for fools, 
Hell, I’m not sure if it will even work.
I don’t want water in my exhaust pipe, 
Even if my car’s a Merc

Hydrogen sounds like an option
A way of staying in motion
Though, like you I must admit, 
I’m worried about an explosion.

I’ve decided to buy myself one of those electric cars, 
I know it’s not large,
But at least I’m exempt from paying 
The congestion charge. 

My automobile’s electronic, it sometimes produces sparks
I’m gonna recharge it, when I’m down in the park.

My automobile’s electronic, it sometimes produces sparks,
My car’s electric, I’m gonna recharge it, when I’m down in the park.

I gonna buy myself a G-Wiz
It’s environmentally friendly, costs little cash
Up to 30 mph, I hope I don’t crash.
It’s cute and small and friendly it’s frankly fantastic
An just like a Sinclair C5
It’s mostly made of plastic
It’s iconoclastic, oh!

I’m having trouble with my BMW 5 series
It’s the I-Drive, the graphical user interface
I’m telling you, this is serious.

iDrive, U Drive
iDrive, U Drive

Oh! in a vain attempt to stop pollution, 
I’ll turn to technology for my solution.
Now that car’s are electronic, I’m going to have mine built 
by Moog or Ensoniq.

Mine’s broke down….

Written by Gareth Jones & Zog May 2007

Gareth Jones – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Richard Porter – Backing Vocals
Zog – Keyboards
Eddie Macdonald- Guitar/Vocals
Eric Boitier – Drums
Freddie Draper – Bass/Vocals
Steve Allan Jones – Keyboards

Recording Engineer – Tony Selinger
Produced & Mixed by Gareth Jones
Recorded live at “10 Years On Speed Live” The Islington, Islington, London 16 Jan 2016


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