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February 28, 2024 Simply the Test

Simply the Test

F1 is nearly back! And it’s not going away for a while. Ollie, Phill and Terry take a deep breath and look back at the off-season news, of which there was a lot, and pre-season testing, of which there wasn’t much. As well as our usual cutting-edge insight and analysis there’s also an update from Terry on whether or not he’s done any new t-shirt designs like he promised, and also we’re opening a pub. WHAAA?

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February 27, 2024 Episode #498: The Hater’s Guide To The F1 2024 Season

Episode #498: The Hater’s Guide To The F1 2024 Season

NOTE: Christian Horner’s current investigation at time of recording is discussed towards the end of the show. Do be careful as you may find this conversation upsetting and/or triggering. Look after yourselves.

In the second of M101’s major pre-season previews, it’s time for a deep dive into the state of F1 entering its 2024 season. And we don’t even try to pretend like that this is going to be massively exciting. But we do try to make some sense of the current field.

Is Haas likely to still be at the bottom? Are the rebranded VISA CashApp RB and Stake F1 Team going to be any good? Is Alpine set for disaster? Who wins in that midfield block between Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin? And can Red Bull go one better in 2024 and win EVERY single race?

All that and everything from the off-season discussed in an F1 2024 pre-season special of Motorsport101!

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February 11, 2024 Episode #497: 2024 MotoGP Season Preview

Episode #497: 2024 MotoGP Season Preview

The first season preview for 2024 and it’s one of the big ones. It’s time for the crew to sit down and talk all things MotoGP as we head for another brand new season, and while many important elements of the sport have stayed the same, there’s a fair few under the surface changes (And one big one), that could factor into the Championship.

We breakdown the major rule changes on the concession system, as well as the 2024 calendar before going team-by-team down the grid. Is Pedro Acosta the real deal at Tech3 KTM? How confident do the team feel about the state of Honda’s rebuild? And can Yamaha do enough to convince Fabio Quartararo to stick around for 2 more years, even with the powerhouse signing of Alex Rins alongside?

The big hitters are mentioned too. Can a rebooted VR46 team challenge the big boys, and will Bez regret not taking a GP24? Is Marc Marquez truly back to his best with a Ducati between his legs? What about Aprilia, the bike with an exhaust blown diffuser, can it challenge for the title again? What about KTM with Binder and co? And is The Beast, Enea Bastianini truly back?

All that and more in an extended season preview edition of Motorsport101!

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February 5, 2024 Episode #496: F1 Rejects Andretti/2024 Rolex 24 Review

Episode #496: F1 Rejects Andretti/2024 Rolex 24 Review

It’s the episode we originally meant to upload last week until… something else came up. Sorry about that!

In this edition of the show, we take care of the other major breaking news story of last week, Andretti’s bid of getting on the grid for 2026 being rejected by F1’s management wing. Where do they go from there, and will they persue the 2028 Grid instead with FOM leaving that option out there?

And finally, a full review of the 24 Hours of Daytona as Porsche won a heated 23 hour and 58 minute battle with Cadillac’s #31 car with Tom Blomqvist gunning for Porsche’s Felipe Nasr right at the very end. We talk about that almost race long fight, as well as the other big picks of RJ’s #01 Cadillac suffering another failure, as well as the #10 Acura’s explosion in the night as well.

We also talk about LMP2 with a Lieger that went horribly wrong (Like, bringing out five cautions wrong), as well as an impressive win for ERA Motorsport and IndyCar’s Christian Rasmussen leading the charge, as well as a dominant win in GTD Pro for RISI Competizione and Ferrari!

…And just how did a 24 hour race end 2 minutes early anyway? All that and more on another Motorsport101!

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February 3, 2024 Episode #496.5: Lewis Hamilton To Ferrari For 2025

Episode #496.5: Lewis Hamilton To Ferrari For 2025

Okay, forgive the numbering being a bit out here, but as you can probably have guessed, this came up rather suddenly. Don’t worry, Episode #496 on Andretti’s rejection and the Rolex 24 Hours is coming out Monday, forgive us for the hold-up.

In this special episode, all FOUR hosts (Yes, we got King in for this one too), break down all the angles from the biggest transfer of the social media era of F1, as Lewis Hamilton will be joining Ferrari in 2025.

The shock of the move itself and how we got to this point. How did Lewis go from signing a 2-year extension in August to activing a release clause just 5 months later? Can he bring in some of his own favourite staff? And can he co-exist with Charles Leclerc, another elite driver? Can Fred Vasseur (Who’s worked with them both), control that relationship?

Then there’s the greater ramifications. Carlos Sainz is now confirmed to be out of Ferrari at the end of the year, where does he end up if he stays on the grid for 2025? And then how do you define the morale at Mercedes? It can’t be great when they’re about to lose a transcedent star. Who do you replace Lewis with? Is it Alex Albon? Fernando Alonso? Esteban Ocon? Or do you gamble on F2’s Andrea Kimi Antonelli, their golden prospect?

It’s a deep-dive to end all deep-dives, in a bonus Motorsport101!

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