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January 31, 2022 Episode #339: 2021-22 Formula E Season Preview

Episode #339: 2021-22 Formula E Season Preview

(Yes, we know it’s a little late, come laugh at our picks at the end instead!)

We’re about to get into the meat and potatoes of the 2022 Motorsport season, and to bring us up to speed, we’re getting into Formula E’s 8th season, and 2nd as a World Championship.

We discuss the new qualifying format, and how the Groups and Super Bowl format got thrown out for a new, “Duel” system that involves a knockout tournament. We also talk about the newly revamped calendar with some double headers to chuck in there like Diriyah and Seoul!

We also go through the teams and preview their chances going into the new season. New debutants such as Antonio Giovinazzi, Dan Ticktum and Oliver Askew. We talk about some of the reshuffles that teams have had, such as Avalanche in life after BMW, or DS Techeetah after a year of relative turmoil. Or Porsche, with renewed focus in their management.

And we even make picks as to who we think wins the Championships. Do we go with Mercs as they enter their Last Dance with Nyck and Stoffel? Or maybe Jaguar with Evans and newly extended Bird? Could it be Porsche with Wehrlein or Lotterer? Or even the Venturi team with Mortara or Lucas Di Grassi?

Find out in our Season Preview for Formula E, Season 8!

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January 29, 2022 Episode #338: 2021 Autosport Top 50 Reaction

Episode #338: 2021 Autosport Top 50 Reaction

And it’s about time we brought back another one of our off-season traditions, and that’s a reaction video of the Autosport Top 50 list for the year!

Now, for those newer to the show, Dre deliberately DOESN’T read what or who’s on the list year to year, so he can react as other co-hosts run down the Top 50 name-by-name. Now normally, the publication throws up some names that are… somewhat left field (Valtteri Bottas was #12 last year for example), and the reactions and trying to deconstruct the logic behind them make for… interesting content!

And in this year’s return of the format, we make things even more interesting with some guessing games. It was Dre’s dream to be a game show contestant, so RJ happily obliged to indulge him! Higher or lower, guessing the order, and of course, Hamilton vs Verstappen, who ended up #1?

All that and more in our reaction to the Autosport Top 50, enjoy!

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January 28, 2022 Episode #337: The 2021 Motorsport101 Awards

Episode #337: The 2021 Motorsport101 Awards

Get your suits and prepare for a spicy open monologue, because it’s award season again! After a year out, the 2021 Motorsport101 Awards are back, celebrating the worst and the best in the sport over the last 12 months or so.

We have some fun awards like the Race of the Year where the Indy 500 might have been hijacked with an genuinely GREAT race at Monaco, but not from the series you might expect. We dish out the Scotty Award for the series best overtake and there were some doozy’s from Formula E, and the recent F1 World Champion…

…We celebrate a young man winning a Moto3 from the pitlane, and the opposite as a participation trophy for the man who was just… “there”. Sports Cars also get featured, but not in a particularly pleasant way, and we actually seriously debate if F1 was the best series in Motorsport this year. No, I’m not joking.

And of course, the big ones, the Golden Cock for the biggest ballsup of 2021, and then our Drivers and Riders of the Year, with Hamilton and Verstappen going to battle one last time, and a lot of consideration for Pedro Acosta, Francesco Bagnaia’s sudden turnaround, and MotoGP’s new World Champion in Fabio Quartararo.

Enjoy the awards show, and back soon for even more off-season content!

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January 25, 2022 Zak Brown | My big break

Zak Brown | My big break

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown is on a mission to return the Formula 1 team to title-winning form, while also seeking success in IndyCar, Extreme E and at Le Mans. In Motor Sport’s latest My big break podcast series, he tells Chris Medland about the moments that took him from growing up as a racing fan in California, to joining a select club of F1 team bosses.

Brown recalls meeting Mario Andretti as a youngster and the F1 veteran’s advice that set him off on a racing career. He explains how he discovered his talent for marketing while trying to recruit sponsors, and growing that ability into a multi-million-dollar business that became the world’s largest marketing company.

An opportunistic phone call to legendary F1 marketeer John Hogan helped fuel Brown’s JMI business and also brought him in contact with McLaren, beginning a relationship that would ultimately see him take control of the racing operation.

Brown explains his decision to sell JMI and to turn down chances to work for Bernie Ecclestone and Liberty Media before McLaren came calling in 2016, revealing why he decided to join and how he has turned the team around, helped by his most radical decision made early in his tenure.

January 25, 2022 Episode #336: The 2021 F1 Season Review

Episode #336: The 2021 F1 Season Review

A 10/10 season with a 2/10 ending. Formula 1 in 2021 might as well have been the Mass Effect 3 of Formula 1 seasons.

In our yearly tradition, and with the dust settled over Christmas, the gang sat down for their annual Season Review of the 2021 F1 Season. We go down and then up the grid to talk about the team’s respective seasons, their ups and downs, the drivers, and in some cases, their questionable futures.

Haas, and Mick’s promise alongside Nikita’s struggles. Williams’s future after George Russell moves onto the big leagues. Alfa Romeo clearing the decks for a race-winning Bottas, and China’s first F1 driver in Guanyu Zhou coming in.

Aston Martin and their incredibly underwhelming season, as well as some interesting observations about their head-to-heads. Pierre Gasly potentially being the driver of the year in a very lopsided relationship with Yuk Tsunoda at AlphaTauri. Alpine and the Happy funtimes club before Alain Prost got pissed off with them last week.

Mclaren and Ferrari re-engage an old rivalry but this time for third, with almost all four of their drivers having great seasons. And then the big two, Mercedes, Red Bull, their wingmen, and the big drivers themselves as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had one of the great title fights in F1 history.

It’s a 90 minute M101 Special, enjoy!

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January 13, 2022 Episode #335: Indefensible (2021 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix)

Episode #335: Indefensible (2021 F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix)

Well.…. That was an ending wasn’t it.

Sorry you’ve had to wait a little bit for this, but we’ve had a backlog of episodes to record over the off-season. But given we’re STILL relentlessly talking about Abu Dhabi a month on, now’s as good a time as any to bring our thoughts to the table.

For just the second time in modern F1 history, two title challengers went into this final round tied.
And even before that final lap, we had a stoking 10tt pole lap from Max Verstappen, a horrible start that changed the entire complexion of that race, an opening lap clash where the stewards made another controversial no-call, and a strategy battle that left Lewis Hamilton more vulnerable than you might think…

..But as you can imagine, half the episode is dedicated to Nicolas Latifis late Safety Car causing clash and everything that came afterwards. Michael Masi breaking the sport’s own regulations in order to guarantee a last lap decider. Verstappen’s Championship and the impact that finish may have had on it. Lewis Hamilton’s exile of social media and losing with dignity, as well as Mercedes, whether they would launch an appeal, and the team boss getting shitfaced after the race had finished (But sssh, don’t tell the admins, they might sue you for data protection.)

We also try to clean up a lot of the loose ends at the end of the season. Kimi Raikkonen’s final race in F1 for example. But we all know what this episode will be about, and I hope despite it being a little late, you enjoy it nonetheless. Plenty more fun content coming in the off-season soon, so enjoy!

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