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September 22, 2021 Episode #322: The Pinch (2021 Italian Grand Prix/2021 IndyCar Portland)

Episode #322: The Pinch (2021 Italian Grand Prix/2021 IndyCar Portland)

It was inevitable really, wasn’t it? Once we saw what happened at Silverstone between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, we all knew it would happen again. And it did. “The Pinch” focuses on the 2021 Italian Grand Prix, where an amazing McLaren 1-2 was completely overshadowed by the second major flashpoint between 1st and 2nd in the Championship battle.

Was there anyone to blame for the crash? Was Verstappen getting a 3-place grid penalty fair? Have we as fans gone too far when we use inconsistent arguments like: “Checking the drivers well-being” as brownie points to beat the other fanbase with? Or even harassing the sport’s medical driver on Twitter? We discuss all the angles on and off track regarding Hamilton vs Verstappen and what could happen with Sochi this upcoming weekend.

And of course, we talk about McLaren’s outstanding 1-2 finish, taking advantage of some lightning starts, a low-drag setup that was faster than the factory team in a straight line… and Lando Norris pretending to be happy that his brilliant season’s highlight was completely taken away by Daniel Ricciardo. Shoey’s for everyone.

We also have a discussion about what we’d do with the Sprint Qualifying format, given it’s clearly not going away with the ratings bump, with King and Dre proposing their own format changes! Let us know what you’d do in the comments!

We then move on IndyCar at Portland, with Alex Palou taking a real roundabout win after a massive messy Turn 1 where four cars miss the chicane, 4 more get bumped and spun round, and then the leaders got shuffled to the back due to IndyCar’s rules! But then with late cautions, the off-sequence runners got shuffled back to the front again so Palou’s overcut and survival of Rossi’s pressure got him a critical win! Talk about Portland as a track and early 2022’s IndyCar calendar also came through!

All this on Episode #322 of Motorsport101, links above and below!

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September 15, 2021 Episode #321: High Tide (2021 Dutch F1 Grand Prix/F1 Silly Season)

Episode #321: High Tide (2021 Dutch F1 Grand Prix/F1 Silly Season)

Formula 1 was back in The Netherlands, and while the racing wasn’t all that special, the atmosphere absolutely jumped off the page. Even if it was a bit… flarey.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the strategic battle we had with Verstappen duelling both Mercedes, with a potential strategic error hampering the Brits chances despite sensational race pace. We also talk Pierre Gasly’s awesome 4th place and clobbering of the Big 2 teams fighting for 3rd in the constructors.

We also, have a deep dive into the nature of booing in Motorsport, why we think we’re above it compared to other sports, and whether it’s okay for it to happen.

Then, we tackle silly season as pretty much all the major dominos fell last week, with George Russell was finally announced at Mercedes, with Valtteri Bottas going to Alfa Romeo. And in a minor shock, the return of Alex Albon to Williams!

All that and more on Motorsport101!

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September 3, 2021 Episode #320: Washout (2021 Belgian F1 Grand Prix/2021 British MotoGP)

Episode #320: Washout (2021 Belgian F1 Grand Prix/2021 British MotoGP)

It was the Belgian Grand Prix… That suddenly wasn’t. In Episode 320, we talk the Belgian 2-lap GP washout, whether Race Direction was in the right about how they went about it, Michael Masi’s role as Race Director, and the curious case of Eau Rouge. The weekend was a highly emotional one with a nasty wreck in the W Series, and Lando Norris in qualifying, and Radillion’s barrier being moved was a massive discussion point.

We also talk MotoGP’s British GP as Fabio Quartararo might have ended the title fight with his 5th win of the year, with the Espargaro brothers making history at the front (briefly), Marquez’s red-mist descending with Jorge Martin, and 6 manufacturers in the Top 6 for the first time since 1972!

And finally we wrap up with the news of Kimi Raikkonen announcing his retirement, and the heavy rumours Valtteri Bottas is heading over to replace him, with potentially Nyck De Vries and Alex Albon heading to Williams? Interesting.

All that in a loaded 75 minutes! Enjoy!

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September 1, 2021 Episode #319: 24/Seven (Le Mans 2021/IndyCar at Gateway)

Episode #319: 24/Seven (Le Mans 2021/IndyCar at Gateway)

7 really IS the lucky number after all! At the Le Mans 24 hours, it was Toyota who won the day with a 1-2 finish, but it wasn’t without early Glickenahus drama, and an Alpine in the gravel trap! We also had Ferrari taking the GT’s and a heartbreaking finish for the #41 car in LMP2!

We also talk IndyCar as Gateway, as Josef Newgarden won to re-enter the title race, and Rinus Veekay caused a big problem for the Chip Ganassi gang! We also talk Romain Grosjean’s oval debut, and talk about the passing of the great Robin Miller.

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August 25, 2021 Episode #318: Binderdash (2021 Austrian MotoGP/Formula E Berlin E-Prix)

Episode #318: Binderdash (2021 Austrian MotoGP/Formula E Berlin E-Prix)

Drama aplenty in this M101! MotoGP double dipped on Austria, and we had one of the most legendary finishes of all time. Brad Binder of all people, winning a Flag-To-Flag thriller on slick tyres, on a WET TRACK! Carnage ensues!

We also talk the 14-man Formula E Season Finale in Berlin, as Mitch Evans, Edo Mortara and Jake Dennis took themselves out of the running in stunning fashion! We break down our thoughts on the series and more in M101!

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August 14, 2021 Episode #317: Crashville (IndyCar Nashville/MotoGP Styria)

Episode #317: Crashville (IndyCar Nashville/MotoGP Styria)

A bumper edition of M101 this week as the gang reviews a crashfest Nashville Music City Grand Prix a race that featured Marcus Ericsson winning despite doing a pole vault, and no less than 9 Yellow and 2 Red Flags! We also break down a newsworthy weekend for MotoGP as Valentino Rossi announced his retirement from the sport, as well as Jorge Martin winning in just his 6th ever start in the top flight!

And as a bonus chat, we also talk all of our favourite moments from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

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August 8, 2021 Episode #316: Yesteban (2021 Hungarian Grand Prix)

Episode #316: Yesteban (2021 Hungarian Grand Prix)

Well… That was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Hungary has always been a freaky one but this was ridiculous. Esteban Ocon, who was 250/1 to one to win the GP, took a stunning victory over Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, and that wasn’t before 5 cars were taken out at Turn 1, Hamilton took a standing restart ON HIS OWN, and Fernando Alonso turned back the clock. We break it all down right here.

Oh, and we also talk Red Bull’s failed appeal as well. Because that too, was pure chaos. All that on Motorsport101!

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August 6, 2021 Episode #315: Londemonium (2021 London E-Prix)

Episode #315: Londemonium (2021 London E-Prix)

Bad news! Dre couldn’t make it this time! Good news, WE ONLY GOT FRIGGIN’ YouTube All-Star CHAINBEAR on the show instead to chat a chaotic Formula E Weekend in London!

Race 1 had Jake Dennis propel himself back into title contention, but Race 2 had rock-em-soc-em race cars, and Lucas Di Grassi getting disqualified from a certain victory after running through the pitlane while under a Safety Car. It had to be seen to be believed! All that on more on a ridiculous M101!

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August 1, 2021 Episode #314: Flashpoint (2021 British Grand Prix)

Episode #314: Flashpoint (2021 British Grand Prix)

The biggest F1 Championship Flashpoint in maybe half a decade landed at the British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton takes a narrower line into Copps… and you know what happened next. We break it all down in this episode, and talk about the Sprint Race’s debut as well, all in the Main Event in the Triple header of M101 uploads.

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July 31, 2021 Episode #313: Lunge Island (2021 New York City E-Prix)

Episode #313: Lunge Island (2021 New York City E-Prix)

In this episode, we break down Formula E’s return to New York City, which we had Cam and King in person to watch the action! We talk about Max Gunther’s ridiculous winning pass in Race 1, Sam Bird getting back in the title race via Race 2 (As well as Mitch Evans’ collapse), and commit foreshadowing on the insane title race, and London’s crummy layout! More foreshadowing!

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