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June 18, 2019 Front End Chatter #95

Hello and welcome to Front End Chatter and the 95th outing for Britain’s most stubbornly random motorcycling podcast, suspended as ever between the 48mm upsidedowners of – the world of motorcycling in a webby nutshell – and the fully adjustable monoshock of Bennetts, the bike insurance experts. And what a weird podcast we have this week, as two – well, one – of Britain’s funniest, smartest, sassiest and damn amazing moto journalists – that’s him, Martin Fitz-Gibbons, with me, Simon Hargreaves –  discuss subjects as widely disparate as: • how MotoGP from Mugello (remember that?) was won by a man who used to race an EXUP

  • who did what at the wettest TT ever, including how Peter Hickman used an S1000RR engine he didn’t use, why it was a hybrid bike but not a hybrid engine, and why Harrison, not Dunlop, won the Dunlop Senior, on Metzelers, not Dunlops
  • why John McGuinness might want to check the details of his Norton pension plan
  • why FEC probably holds the lap record for the North Coast 500
  • the practical and psychological merits of air-bag suits
  • is it a risk buying a new bike in the first year of production?
  • does wearing hi-viz make you a fluoracist?
  • why oh why isn’t there a magazine website with videos and stories and everything (like, er,, maybe)?
  • are any skills learned off road transferrable to road riding?
  • is the polite biker nod a dying habit, and should you wave at other riders anyway?
  • are racers made on the roads they grow up riding on?


Thank you so much or listening, we really appreciate it – and please email your thoughts, ideas, questions and stories of helmet paint scheme inspired accusations to


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