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February 9, 2017 Front End Chatter #50

Welcome to Front End Chatter Episode 50 – yes, you’re not imagining it, it’s really real, and only a week after Episode 49.


Anyway, with next to no racing to chatter about, we’ve finally got round to answering all your emails (at least, the ones that had a question) – some from as far back as last September; sorry about that. So, in some particular order, we natter about:


  • Sportsbike luggage systems
  • What will happen to production racing when there are no more production sportsbikes
  • Why sports 600s are dying out
  • The best headphones for on bike entertainment
  • The perils of Hi-Viz
  • An extremely long-winded and rambling piece about girls in bike sport
  • Does size matter? (this is a different point)
  • Why you only see Ducatis in the Ducati factory car park
  • Who’s better – Rossi or Marquez?
  • Why Honda’s Deauville is desirable
  • The future of electric bikes
  • A whole heap of buying advice for several FECers which always seems to end up in the recommendation of a Ducati Multistrada or a BMW R1200GS
  • …and much, much – some would say too much – more


Thanks for enduring this one – it’s a monster – and look forward to some exciting news regarding Front End Chatter in the near future. Email:  

Tweet:           @SimonHbikes