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January 22, 2016 Front End Chatter #39

HelloAndWelcomeToEpisode39OfBritain’sFavouriteBikingPodcast! And breathe…

In the first FEC of 2016, Simon and Martin discuss:

– The Dakar Rally, who’s winning, who isn’t, and who’s paying any attention?

– All the new rules for MotoGP, whether we can predict anything before anything has happened, and whether that feller who said he doesn’t want to race again will, in fact, race again.

– What’s going on with WSB’s barely comprehensible new format, and whether it will detract from what otherwise has the potential to be a pretty great year.

– Who in the BSB paddock recently failed a drugs test, who will be making a welcome return to the BSB paddock, and who in the BSB paddock has just made a pretty dramatic career change.

– Plus loads and loads (and loads) of your emails frantically read, mumbled, debated and, in a few cases, answered.

It’s a busy one…

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