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October 8, 2015 Front End Chatter #34

Front End Chatter E34 – the Less Than Honest Episode – in which:

• Martin and Simon get their riding assessed and ride very sensibly – almost as if their livelihoods depend on it (which they do) 

• VW are caught cheating on US emissions tests, but are bike manufacturers doing the same? 

• details of Ducati’s 2016 models are accidentally revealed online, by the same US emissions board who ‘outed’ VW (who own Audi, who own… Ducati)

• Suter release a Grand Prix replica two-stroke, with an engine based on a late 1990s V4 500 motor but which mysteriously turns out to be 576cc• more MotoGP gossip in which Simon professes a sneaky change of heart and can’t remember which rider it was caught on TV swapping his mouthguard for a false tooth• plus chat suggested by a selection of listeners’ emails, including why are so many parallel twins about now, why Front End Chatter merchandise costs so much, why some bikers seem to hate that fashion and culture they have now, and the origins of Yamaha’s speedblock paint design by someone who was there.Thank you very much for listening, please subscribe on iTunes or Android, and leave a review. You can find us here:@SimonHbikes@Mufgawww.frontendchatter.com