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May 30, 2015 Front End Chatter #30

Front End Chatter, Britain’s best motorcycle podcast, celebrates its 30th episode with a Q&A special. This time we’ve passed the handlebars over to you, dear listener(s), as Simon and Martin spend a full hour finding, inventing, and in some cases, actually knowing, answers to your questions. Topics include:

– Why many riders find life gets in the way of riding, often for years at a time

– Are bikes getting taller? And does size (of a bike’s seat height) really matter?

– Is the Ducati Scrambler “completely wanky”? (Not our words…)

– 10 (or so) great roads to ride in Europe (and one in Wales…)

– The invention of the British SuperCeleb championship, where Hollywood (the culture) meets Hollywood (the baker) at Hollywood (the corner)

– Are the DVLA being sneaky buggers, or are some people just not paying enough attention?

– Plus an ex-pat makes us all feel better by bursting a few bubbles about the reality of riding in Australia

Thank you for downloading and, hopefully, listening. All questions, comments, replies and general communication is welcomed to

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