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January 12, 2015 Front End Chatter #23

The first Front End Chatter of 2015 covers such diverse subjects as:

– Simon enters a race through a village on his FireBlade, only to find out that’s it’s not really a race.

– The first (and last) Front End Chatter 2014 Manufacturer Countdown, pop-pickers.

– Listeners’ problems solved (or at least answered), from trials clubs to tourism advice.

– Does racing sell road bikes?

– Do tall-rounders make sportsbikes look silly?

Plus, Front End Chatter’s off-road correspondent JP (@Jonpe23) returns to discuss the ins, outs and upside-downs of the Dakar Rally, including:

– Who nearly didn’t even make the start line this year.

– What the words “mousse”, “liason” and “fesh-fesh” mean.

– Why you don’t necessarily want to finish first (but to finish first, first you have to finish…)

– Was the Dakar better when it actually went to Dakar?

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