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November 14, 2014 Front End Chatter #20

Front End Chatter, Britain’s best (and original) biking podcast celebrates its vigintennial anniversary by remembering about the good old days. Actually, it doesn’t. Instead, it gets totally lost in the seemingly bottomless pool of brand new bikes and their impenetrable acronyms. Opinion and analysis abounds, including attempting (or not) to answer:

– Might Kawasaki’s new H2 be a tiny weeny bit of a porker?- Will Honda’s road-going RC213V really happen?- Is Yamaha’s new R1 deceptively good looking?- Just what does A&S, AOS-II and CFRTP mean, and is it all a LOB?- Was any baking paper used in designing the MT-09 T-Racer (sorry, Tracer)?- What does Ducati’s Scrambler have to do with a polar bear having a shave?If you enjoy any of this nonsense please subscribe and/or tell your friends about Front End Chatter. You can download it through iTunes, from any Androidy thing or direct from

Feedback or topic suggestions actively welcomed by email ( and Twitter (@SimonHbikes and @Mufga).

Thanks very much.