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August 21, 2017 Formula One launches eSports virtual championship

Published by Christine Blachford

With the growing popularity of eSports – championships of online gamers competing against each other for high prizes – Formula One have jumped right on the bandwagon. This isn’t something you’d have seen F1 doing in years of old, but this year Formula One will run their first eSports world championship, running through the final months of the year.

The championship is being run in conjunction with official F1 games developer Codemasters, as well as eSports aficionados Gfinity. There will be qualifying, semi-finals and finals playing the F1 2017 game and running from September to November, with the final to be held in Abu Dhabi alongside the last race of the physical F1 series.

FOM have said this is a new way to engage the fans, and with anyone able to enter, this really does open up the sport to a wider and potentially new audience. It’s not clear what the grand prize will be yet, apart from automatic entry into next year’s event, but whatever the prize, it should be fun!



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