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April 25, 2017 FIA agree to ban shark fins and t-wings from 2018 onwards

Published by Christine Blachford

Credit: Haas F1 Team

The F1 Strategy Group met with the F1 Commission, the FIA, and FOM boss Chase Carey to agree on changes to the sport for 2018 onwards. The most visible changes will be around the engine covers with the regulations being tweaked so as to limit the shark fins and t-wings that have taken precedence this season.

The proposed halo cockpit device is not the favoured solution to driver head protection anymore. The FIA’s statement says: “A number of more integrated solutions for additional frontal protection have been studied, and the decision has been taken to give priority to the transparent ‘shield’ family of systems. We aim to carry out track tests during this season in preparation for implementation in 2018.”

Alongside this the FIA noted that red flags will go back to standing starts in the race. Also, a change to this season is that the FIA will enforce clearer visibility of driver’s names and numbers on the cars, to help identify them during sessions.



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