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May 3, 2017 Episode #84: My Sandbag’s Bigger Than Yours

Much like Jerry Seinfeld, you could make a case that this week’s show was one about nothing, with two relatively mediocre rounds on deck with Russia and Phoenix being a tad on the boring side. Yet, we still got a 2-hour show. Amazing how that turned out.

Me and Ryan King break it all down here, including the great Bottas vs Vettel climax, Hamilton being off the pace, the Lap 1 Grosjean/Palmer clash, and the complaints about the track and the cars as we’re now four rounds in.

Then to Phoenix, as Simon Pagenaud dominated the latter stages to put up his first ever oval victory over Will Power and an injured JR Hildebrand in spite of another massive Lap 1 pile up, and for the second time in 3 rounds, all four Andretti’s fail to finish!

We also tackle the mailbag, Sauber switching to Honda power, and a Keepin’ It 101 special Interview with young F1 journalist Helena Hicks! Enjoy!

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