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February 3, 2016 Episode #27: K-Mag And The Deltawings

Trust me to make an episode sound like an 80’s pop band. Jem is my name, no-one else thinks the same…

Anywho, a shorter episode than normal, but it’s still a pretty loaded episode for just under 70 minutes, including:

– Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Review/Debate about Balance of Performance
– Talk about the 2017 rule changes, the push for closed cockpits, ground affect aero not a thing?
– Max Chilton signing for Chip Ganassi Racing’s IndyCar team
– K-Mag really IS driving for Renault, the confusing hypocritical U-Turn on Pastor, who’s the next F1 whipping boy (My money’s on Marcus Ericcson)

Remember, if you’re a $5 Patreon backer, you get the episode 2 whole days early! Massive thanks to everyone who’s supported the show so far and enjoy Episode 27!

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