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January 23, 2016 Episode #10: From Marussia With Love

In this episode of the show, Crekkan breaks the meter with the number of Wrestling references he can get into a 65 minute show.

In other news, we talk about Manor’s 2nd bite at F1’s cherry as Force India veto’ed their 2014 car registration attempt, and why they don’t deserve the attacks they’ve been getting, and why we all really need to look at what Manor is at this point, and why it may be for the best if they don’t compete next year.

Also, we talk about the 1,000bhp car adjustment vote that’s taking place tomorrow and ask whether it’s really going to improve the sport, or whether it’s just another moment of F1 fans being drunk with power.

We also cover the Circuit of Wales broken deal with Donington Park, Conor Daly failing to get an IndyCar seat, and questioning Daniel Ricciardo’s bandwagon. You’ll see why when it happens.

Join me, @RyanErikKing and @Crekkan as I also reveal that we may be doing more episodes! Huzzah!

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