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December 16, 2016 Ep.48 – Max Jones

maxjonesMax Jones didn’t earn the nickname “Max the Axe” for no reason. As the General Manager of Chip Ganassi Racing’s NASCAR division, Max is a no-nonsense guy who has a career of proven results. That career, however, isn’t the traditional NASCAR management career. Max actually comes from a heralded series of accolades as a young mechanic, then became one of the fiercest sportscar drivers competing against guys like Tommy Kendall, and then ultimately joining team management for Jack Roush, Eddie Cheever, and now Chip Ganassi. He’s a guy who’s done it and seen it all, but you’d never know because he hates interviews. Breakfast was served at Toast in Davison, North Carolina, with the music of Richard Sherfey and All God’s Children to take us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for all of their support, and Honda for providing a great car.



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