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December 16, 2016 Ep.44 – NASCARCASM

nascarcasmWell normally we sit down to eat with actual people, but this lunch was with our first Twitter handle. However, there’s a specific reason. While motorsport has many funny Twitter accounts, the man behind NASCARCAM was able to take his joke account from something he did for fun, to a full-time job having signed on with NASCAR to add his humor to many elements of their digital content. Learn about how he came to be, what NASCAR stars roll with his humor the best, why Sean hates him, and listen to the group develop a very specific routine for the one and only Austin Dillon. Lunch was served at Kilroy’s in Indianapolis, with the music of Jarrod Gorbel to close us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for all of their support, and Honda for providing a great car.



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