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December 9, 2016 Ep.41 – Kevin “Rocket” Blanch

rocketWe put his real name because we think we’re supposed to, but no one knows him as Kevin Blanch. He’s Rocket. And he’s badass. A self-described “ol’ hillbilly,” Rocket is a staple of the IndyCar series, serving as a painter-turned-mechanic nearly 30 years ago, and has risen through the ranks of going from mechanic to Crew Chief to now the technical manager of IndyCar, which means he’s “the guy” when cars go through tech inspection. We can see why he has this job. Rocket is as “no BS” as they come, very smart, and a pretty damn good storyteller. He also has a transgender pig, figure that out. Lunch was served at our first-ever repeat restaurant, Tegry Sushi in Indianapolis, with the music of Kari Holmes to rap us out. Thanks to Continental Tire for all of their support, and Honda for providing a great car.



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