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July 11, 2016 Front End Chatter #45

Welcome to Front End Chatter E45 featuring not much racing, shock, partly because there hasn’t been much since E44 but mostly because we didn’t actually watch what there was. Which, as it turns out, was a wet Assen MotoGP (always a pleasure, never a chore). So we talk about a race we didn’t see, plus wings they aren’t going to use for a safety concern (or issue) they may or may not have. It’s just like actually being there, only with your eyes closed and with fingers in your ears.


We also find time to chunter about:

  • BMW’s 2017 F700 and F800GS with thrilling new Euro 4 compliance
  • Ducati’s 939 SuperSport sporty sportsbike that fills the gaping hole in their range for a non-entry level, non-track day road sporty sportsbike
  • Yamaha’s MT-07-based 700 Tracer that has the same performance as a 1992 TDM850 but at a fraction of the price
  • Triumph’s rumoured 765cc Street Triple roady sportsbike-ish
  • The recently opened David Silver Honda Collection based near Ipswich, for fans of vintage Hondas
  • The very excellent Champions Flat Track School, run by our mate Boastie, which introduces noobs to the noble art of going slideways Plus! Some of your emails, including more on BMW ESA suspension replacement/service info, the absence of Irish bike MOTs, why the bloke at the back of a group ride always ends up speeding, and more! Thanks for listening, keep writing in, spread the word among your friends, and visit us on Twitter (@SimonHbikes and @Mufga) or Facebook.


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