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November 25, 2016 Episode #67: The Grand Tour Of Retirements

Oh great, another one of those “No mainstream Motorsport” weeks. Yet, we still went for over 2 hours! Go us!

In this episode, a special extended one-hour edition of Keeping It 101′ as Dre and King talk over the first episode of The Grand Tour, Johnson loses the will to live over his beloved NASCAR, and talk of the Macau Grand Prix as well!

On top of that, we talk the 6 hours of Bahrain in what will be (for now), the final LMP1 race for Audi Sport after an 18 year tenure as one of Motorsport’s finest dynasties, as well as the final race of Mark Webber’s career.

And of course, your mailbag features in this one too! Enjoy as we start the run down to the season finale!

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