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January 23, 2016 Episode #6: Formula E Is Trying To Kill Me

No seriously, it is. After Round 4 of the Formula E Championship in Argentina, we discuss the ridiculous race in detail, including signing fans, Heidfeld’s rookie mistake that cost him his first win since the millennium started, Vergne’s issues, Sam Bird’s recovery, the final chicane incidents and small task of remembering Antonio Felix Da Costa winning to give us the series 4th different winner in as many races, and give me severe blood pressure. We also talk over Franck Montagny admitting he popped a Molly in Malaysia.

On top of that we talk over the Engine regulation changes and why Honda won’t be catching any breaks anytime soon, as well as the Super License changes and why overall, we think its a good thing, because I haven’t talked about them enough this week!

Also, new recording methods mean this should be the best sounding episode to date! Enjoy and thanks for all the support, it’s an honor to be on iTunes and we’ll be looking for Droid support soon. Thanks!

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