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May 6, 2016 Episode #38: Reversal Of Fortunes

(Note: We recorded this on Monday, BEFORE the news of Kyvat and Verstappen’s switch. We’ll address that on next week’s episode)

Somehow, I just get the feeling that it’s not gonna be Hamilton’s year. Maybe. Anywho, in this episode of #Motorsport101:

– We’re down one producer! Adam Johnson’s on holiday, so filling in for the week is friend of the show Sarah Connors! She’s wonderful, and if you haven’t already, check her out on the Grid Girls Podcast, also here on Soundcloud!

– We talk about Sochi, and for a race that stunk, there was a massive amount worth talking about, including Rosberg’s 7th consecutive win, Hamilton’s furious comeback to 2nd, and tease whether he can still win the Championship from 46 points back.

– Of course, we’ll talk about Danill Kyvat delivering the Double Piledriver to Sebastian Vettel on the opening lap, and the subsequent reactions.

– We’ll also be mentioning the conspiracy theories of those accusing Mercedes of rigging the races, Red Bull’s aero-screen debuting, the inconsistency of the stewards and Hamilton’s unprofessional-ism in reacting to his reprimands, and F1’s 2017 engine regulations and why not everyone is in favour of it.

– We also talk about IndyCar’s Grand Prix of Boston being cancelled and potential alternatives, and we also talk about the nature of Intermediate classes in racing like GP2 and Moto2 as Efren Vazquez lost his Suter seat in Moto2 after just 4 races.

I got a feeling that next week’s Podcast is going to be AMAZING. But until then, enjoy, and if you did, why not click the like button, re-post, all that good stuff!

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