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March 31, 2016 Episode #33: Formula One Mis-Management

I’m taking a chance uploading this Podcast, after receiving a cease and desist letter from Formula One Management. IF this Podcast still survives, here’s what’s on it:

– We talk about Formula One Management’s draconian attack on RaceDepartment’s Mod community for their older F1 games, as well as their take down of Automobilista, the latest racing game from Reiza Studios, after it was taken down via Copyright.
– We talk some more IMSA as we discuss the possibility of DPI Prototypes heading to Le Mans due to the tug of war between them and the ACO.
– We talk about some interesting notes from Roger Penske regarding the future direction of IndyCar. Trust me, we REALLY wanted to go “Old Man Yells At Cloud” on him, but he actually made a LOT of sense. Damnit.
– We talk about how hilariously hypocritical Renault’s push to remove the fuel flow rate is.
– And sadly… We talk about the potential removal of Monza. Again. For FUC-

And finally, we mention Adam Johnson making it into the Daily Mail’s website after an RC Car drove into another man’s crotch. Seriously.

Enjoy the show, and be sure to back us on Patreon if you really liked us!

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