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March 25, 2016 Episode #32: “…At Least The Race Was Good?”

I’m going to let you into a little secret Podcast fans – This episode, very nearly didn’t happen. See, we record episodes normally on a Monday, so that we can edit and upload it for early access Patreon backers for Wednesday. But Adam’s mixer doesn’t really work with Skype, so we postponed the recording for this Wednesday so we could test out some new Software… And THANK GOD WE DID. As a result, we got near-live reactions to the three massive pieces of news that dropped mere hours before, and make the core of this episode, which were:

– Sky Sports to become the exclusive provider of Formula 1 in the UK from 2019-2024
– The GPDA’s official statement, which put F1’s decision makers on BLAST
– And the FIA considering the return of Elimination Qualifying, mere days after it was scrapped.

Safe to say… It’s been a historically bad week for the sport from a PR standpoint. OH, and we talk about F1’s Australian GP, which included:

– Haas scoring points on its debut
– The Fernando/Esteban crash and the ensuing safety debate
– The Pirelli 3-tyre weekend plan actually worked!
– Mad Max: Fury Road (See avatar)
– Oh, and Nico Rosberg won, in case you forgot.

MotoGP fans, be patient with me, we’ll talk about Qatar and those sodding winglets next week, promise! Many thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the show!

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