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January 23, 2016 Episode #25: The Awkward Reunion

Oh erm… Hi there. Been a little while huh?

I need to explain myself methinks. Basically, the way this Podcast was hosted was a MESS. A ton of massive files to upload, it slowed the site down massively, and file size limits meant that I had to butcher the quality of the Podcast just to make sure it fitted with WordPress’ limited conventions.

It took me and my website designer Steph THREE months to iron out a solution, and we got there in the end. Internet Archive now hosts the Podcast, and now we can stream it here instead, and everything is still on iTunes, so yay, we’re all sorted!

Also, we have a new permanent third host, as Adam Johnson of Team Bombersports on YouTube has joined in to help produce the show, and be another presenter. Hope you all like 80’s rock and NASCAR references. He’s basically even more American than I am, but he’ll add a lot of random banter to the show, so yay!

In this massive, 135 minute reunion special:

– Lewis Hamilton’s media tour as he celebrates his third World Championship, going on Kimmel, Corden and dropping his mixtape. Insert joke here.
– We give Nico Rosberg credit for closing the year stronger than he ever has before, and why we just refuse to give him the credit for it, because the season’s already over. Apparently, winning 14 races in 4 seasons just isn’t good enough any more.
– We have to derail the Max Verstappen hype train. Seriously, we just do. It’s for your own good.
– We re-review Rossi vs Marquez. It’s just as painful as you expect.
– The FINAL Susie Wolff Update from Ryan King (Sad face)
– The Motorsport Q+A, featuring the Conor Daly fanclub, the potential of BBC losing its rights (Whoops, we were a bit early on this one), and the recent YouTube drama of F1 YouTubers. (Yawn)

Massive thanks for your patience, and for all the listeners, thank you for your continued support, and have a wonderful Christmas season!

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