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January 23, 2016 Episode #20: The Sound of Masochism

Good news! Due to upgrading the website, the quality of the show should be much better now I effectively have no file size limit! Hooray for breaking my wallet out!

In this episode of Motorsport 101, me and Ryan King look back over the Austrian Grand Prix, a race where all of a sudden, Nico Rosberg took probably the best win of his career to date as Lewis Hamilton had no answer, Felipe Massa held off Sebastian Vettel for third, and we’re still trying to remove parts of Fernando Alonso from a buried Ferrari, as the midfield stole the show…

…or did they? After the serious amounts of complaints over said GP, we break down why it’s unfair to criticize the race itself, and why we as masochistic F1 fans are over-critical of the era we’re in, and why we make the past look so good.

It’s a seriously philosophical edition of the show, and I hope you enjoy the new and improved, Motorsport 101!

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