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January 23, 2016 Episode #16: The Tortoise And The Hamilton

It’s been a long week here.

It was a boring Chinese Grand Prix, but like actual China, the political notes rang home, as Nico Rosberg accused Lewis Hamilton of slowing down on purpose. We break down whether Rosberg had a claim, or whether he’s a big crybaby. Spoiler, it’s the latter, and we explain why. We also cover the issues that Renault have going forward, and why Sky’s race coverage was ATROCIOUS.

Also, we go in-depth on the latest story to hit Motorsport, and that’s the use of Grid and Podium girls in the sport, the WEC’s half-hearted gesture to remove them, and is Lewis Hamilton a sexist? (Spoiler, again, he isn’t.)

We also review the Grand Prix of the Americas, Marc Marquez’s phenomenal weekend, as well as Sam Lowes and Danny Kent’s lower class wins, and the first British double win at a weekend since 1977.

IndyCar gets a look with their Grand Prix of Louisiana, and the washout and relative farce that the race became due to the weather and the high number of safety cars as the result of the poor state of the track itself. And yay for the Mayor of Hinchtown and Simona “Motorsport Bae” de Silverstro!

And finally, we review Formula E at Long Beach, where Nelson Piquet Jr. dominated for the win, while Jean-Eric Vergne won the podium, if you get what I mean. ? Enjoy the show with me and @RyanErikKing and thanks for listening!

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