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November 24, 2016 An Aside with Joe – You want something, you go get it

Published by Mr. C

Back home following F1’s impressive outing in Brazil, intrepid globetrotter Joe Saward checks in to ponder all the comings and all the goings within the sport. From the quest for an epic TV showdown, to finding the right person to run McLaren and all points in between, we present this packed podcast to take you to the grand finale in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Topics for consideration include speculation about who might fill the final three seats, the supreme talents doing amazing stuff, the future of the Malaysian GP and why a 40 minute race makes sense. There is discussion of the quarrels between Felipe Nasr and Sauber, an episodic title fight, riding a rocketship to the moon and alternate careers for a motor racing scribe.

Attention turns to conflicts of interest and a personal sense of morality, the negotiations surrounding Singapore and Brazil, Pascal Wehrlein’s attitude problem and the benefits of balancing performance levels. Joe takes a shot at explaining F1’s complicated prize fund model, considers his 500 race milestone and applauds the performance of Esteban Ocon.

Finally, we’ve being doing these shows for so long, it turns out we can finish each other’s sentences. As ever enjoy another timely edition of An Aside with Joe.

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