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January 23, 2016 Episode #8: You had WHO over Senna?!

This one’s going to go down well. In Episode 8 of The Motorsport 101 Podcast, we talk about the three 2015 Car Launches so far, from Lotus, Force India and Williams, what would happen if Ted Kravitz became a video blogger, and then the big one…Just who are our 10 greatest F1 drivers of all time?

We spent an hour breaking down our Top 10’s, from the Sir Jacks, to the Vettel’s of the world. One list only had one current driver. One list only had two. And one list had said current driver ABOVE Ayrton Senna. Wanna find out who? You gotta listen. Feel free to send in your Top 10’s, and please, whatever you do, don’t take them too seriously. Direct all abuse to @RyanErikKing on Twitter!


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