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February 24, 2017 Episode #75: Mount Nyevelt (#ShootYourShot)

Welcome to the Diamond, the 75th episode of #Motorsport101. Pretty crazy that a 10 episode University project run would end up being this. Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

In this edition, we also have a 4th man in the booth, and that’s Matheus Carniero, Superdraft Champion and host of Mystery Science Theatre F1 on YouTube! Check him out here:

In this massive 165 minute edition of the show, we have an extended Keepin’ It 101 segment regarding the serious implications of Danny Watts announcement, telling the world he was gay, and probably the highest profile announcement of its kind. I also address the “Stick To Sports” mantra and ask Aly Raisman out on a date. Seriously.

We also tackle the #BAePrix (Ha), and the series seeming fall from grace as Buemi dominated his third race in a row and seemingly puncture the balloon of hype surrounding the series.

And finally, we take on a big challenge as we form the first wing of our Hall of Fame, named “Mount Nyevelt”, after the first President of the FIA, and as it turns out, we had a really hard time bringing the field down to 6 people from our shortlist of 20. And your questions get answered in the mailbag too!

Enjoy this special edition of the podcast!

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