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January 23, 2016 Episode #7: My Ex-Girlfriend Is A Trained Assassin


Oh boy, this could easily be our best episode to date. In this loaded edition of the Motorsport 101 Podcast, we talk all about Marussia’s potential escape plan and return to Formula 1, and why that may not entirely be a good thing. We also talk about Honda and the changes in the rules that are now allowing them to develop after all, but again… may not be as big a deal as you think.

Also, we talk about the RIDICULOUS Kurt Busch domestic violence story that’s swept through NASCAR, which includes conflicting eye-witness accounts, blood-splattered evening gowns, and you get to find out why a 5ft blonde hottie Patricia Driscoll gets given the nickname of “The Pocket Commando”. It’s as crazy, as it sounds.

And in the second half of the show, we answer your fan submitted questions into the show, including a makeshift supergrid with a twist, what motor series would we enter if given the chance, and if we had to put a Formula E team together, who’d we build them with. Some really good stuff on there, so thanks everyone for the questions! (Although, I’m not sure co-host @RyanErikKing appreciated “killing” Susie Wolff.)

And of course, thanks to everyone for the continued support, if you’re enjoying the show, PLEASE head over to iTunes and leave a positive rating and review! Enjoy the show!

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