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August 5, 2016 Episode #51: Divebombs For Harambe

This was a manic episode to record. We originally were going to do TWO episodes this week. But then we had technical gremlins. But we still managed to get 105 minutes of massive F1 discussion in, including:

F1 Strategy Group’s three-pronged decisions (Radio lifted, track limits lifted, Halo delayed for 2018, Wet Weather Standing Restarts)
– Lewis Hamilton wins piss-easy German GP after Rosberg’s poor start (And 115 narratives)
– That Rosberg and Verstappen Incident and the precedent it seemingly sets, oh, and the shite pitstop.
– The state of Red Bull vs Ferrari going forward
– The Brutal nature of everything Daniil Kyvat
– Midfield Silly Season stuff, Williams/Perez/Renault/End of the line for Felipe Massa?
– Esteban Ocon a top contender for Manor?! Is Haryanto FINALLY done?!

All that, and King rages at Rosberg’s move on Verstappen. A LOT. Enjoy the new episode and check back next week for an IndyCar Special!

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