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July 29, 2016 Episode #50: The OTHER Golden Era

Well, here we are. 50 episodes. Yikes. When this show first started in October 2014, it was just a 10 episode University assignment. And now, here we are, nearly 2 years later, celebrating episode Fiddy. You are the best audience a guy could ever wish to ask for. So on behalf of King, AJ and me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting us into your ears. You guys are the best. Special thanks to:

Zara Daniela – The artist you see every episode, she kicks so much ass.
Emily de Silva – Bigtime editor for us on video.

All our special guests over the last 50, Sarah Connors, Sascha Wagenblast, Crekkan, Louis Suddaby, and even Scott Woodwiss (I’m kidding, Scott).

All our Patreon backers and merch buyers! You guys are INSANE and it makes me immense with pride that you want to rock our logo.

Also, in this special episode, we streamed live on YouTube! It included all the talk from Hungary (Including Rosberg’s double yellows, and how much it sucked. And that was just the radio bullshit), we answer YOUR questions, talk about the Robot Wars reboot and find out who won the International Fantasy Draft!

So again, massive thanks for 50 episodes. Love you all. Dre

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