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January 23, 2016 Episode #3: 99 Problems But The Becks Ain’t One

…hit me!

Hey guys, and welcome to Episode 3 of the newly renamed, Motorsport 101 Podcast! Big thanks to Tom Stanley for the suggestion on the new name. I suspected any title with over eight syllables loses something in the “catchiness” department.

In our longest show to date, this episode talks all about Abu Dhabi’s general mediocrity, the awesome sportsmanship and grace that Nico handled it with as he fell on his silver and turquoise sword, as well as the general reaction as F1 celebrates its first Multiple World Champion since Sir Jackie Stewart in 1971.

We also talk about Jennifer Becks (Of course) and Sky’s interesting production meetings, and the FIA meeting last night and gather up the announcements within, such as the possibility of a 21 race calendar in 2015, the Virtual Safety Car, no more double points and a reversal on the standing restart horse manure.

There’s talk on Nico Hulkenberg’s Le Mans move, Carlos Sainz Jr’s Toro Rosso announcement and how old we all feel that combined, they’re the same age as Mark Webber when he retired (An archaic 37, what a relic), the impact of youth and age and how it affects the landscape of Motorsport, and why McLaren STILL HAVEN’T ANNOUNCED THEIR DRIVERS YET. Seriously, this is the third straight taping where we’ve had to talk about McLaren, may god help us.

And finally, we have one of those difficult conversations about the Jules Bianchi crash report. Yay.

So strap yourself in for 105 minutes with me, Ryan King (@RyanErikKing) and Gino (@Crekkan) Van Dan Broecke, and I promise we only mention lesbian anime girls a handful of times!

P.S: I think there’s an echo effect during this recording. Not quite sure why that’s still a thing. Still ironing out the kinks audio wise, so bear with me, I don’t think it’s too bad. Just consider it one our of our 99 problems!

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