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March 4, 2016 Episode #29: Baby, Let Me Trash Your Halo

We’re totally the first Motorsport folks to use a Beyonce reference here. Yep.

In this episode of #Motorsport101:

– We talk about today’s shocking first reveal of the new Halo design as the FIA pushes on for cockpit protection in Formula 1, why the drivers are split, and the bigger picture of safety and how its discussed in F1. Obvious to say, it’s been a heated topic and we do our best to weigh up the pros and cons of it all. (Dre’s Editor Note: We’re REALLY happy with how this discussion turned out.)
– We look back at last week’s Daytona 500 as Denny Hamlin took the closest finish in the sport’s history, and I let Adam and Ryan gush over how good the race needed to be in order to save NASCAR’s bad rap… Until CEO Brian France publicly endorsed Donald Trump. Oh dear.
– We review F1’s new plaything as the qualifying system has been changed, delayed, changed again and then has been brought forward again, as Bernie turns Quali into a hybrid of the old system, and every “Eliminator” event you see in a Racing game, and discuss why this is happening.
– We talk about Manor’s WEC entry becoming a big family reunion as James Jakes and Will Stevens are announced as their drivers.
– And we talk about a couple of other interesting under-looked stories in F1, as Lewis Hamilton admitted he essentially “tanked” the rest of 2015 after winning the title in America, and Carlos Sainz drawing attention to weight issues in F1, as drivers like Adrian Sutil and Mark Webber often suffered in their respective careers!

Oh, and a big note – The Podcast is going WEEKLY from next week onwards, as we bring a special guest on to talk about the upcoming 2016 IndyCar Season… Can’t wait for that! Be sure to listen here, or on iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn, and you can back us on Patreon if you REALLY like us! Thanks for listening!

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