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January 23, 2016 Episode #24: DeflateGate 2: Illegally Blonde

I owe you for the episode title, George.

Motorsport 101, where you wait a long time, then two Episodes come along at once. We decided that Monza was so newsworthy, we decided to give you another episode, immediately!

In this bonus episode, we talk about the Italian Grand Prix in all its mediocrity, Lewis Hamilton’s embarrassing social media faux-pas after ignoring Justin Wilson’s minute of silence, and the massive deflation scandal and the FIA’s decision not to punish Mercs for breaking a technical infringement.

And, there’s a huge Ask Dre section too, talking MotoGP, IndyCar, Closed Cockpits and who our most underrated and overrated drivers are! Enjoy!

Music: “Breakbeat Generation” by E-Z Rollers (Rollcage Stage 2 Soundtrack)

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