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January 23, 2016 Episode #18: The Full Monty

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. A whole month as a matter of fact. I apologize, I’ve been extremely busy with University assignments so this kind of got pushed to one side. I wasn’t going to bother producing more episodes beyond “Newgarden of Eden” to be honest, as this whole Podcast was a University project, BUT, thanks to you the listeners, you convinced me to keep going, so thank you, it means a lot that you care enough that you want to hear more.

In this loaded episode with me and Ryan King, we talk about Jean Todt’s “I give no f***s” regarding Alcohol advertising, talk about Lewis Hamilton’s eye-watering £130m contract extension, then break down the Monaco snoozefest… well apart from the last 15 laps and the pit stop heard around the world, why Hamilton really hasn’t changed, and the big Grosjean/Verstappen crash that started the whole thing off. And I swear at King. A lot.

After that, we talk about the Indy 500, the drama before it, and the action during it, with Juan Pablo Montoya winning his 2nd Indy 500 ahead of Will Power, 15 years after winning his 1st one. We also talk about Simona being lazy as hell, Simon Pagueaud’s rough day at the office, the crashes and the other hilarity that ensued.

And finally, we talk about the FIA press release of a fortnight ago and the proposed changes to improve the show in 2016 and 2017. Is “improving the show” the right way to go for F1?

All that and more on the return of the Motorsport 101 Podcast, enjoy!

UPDATE 1/6: There ARE Skype undertones on this episode. What happened was when I was taping the show, it was going on in the middle of a Pit Bored taping on Downforce Radio, between 7 people, and they were obviously doing their show at the same time, so all the Skype notifications you’d get, got on the recording too, and I couldn’t really remove them without removing part of my audio, so yeah…it definitely hurt the quality a bit. I apologize, that was unprofessional of me and I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again.

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