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January 23, 2016 Episode #1: The Fortunate Pilot

It was a long, and dull night on October 20th, 2014. And on the night, the very first episode of The Harrison101 Motorsport Podcast was born!

Okay, now, some things I need to address. First of all, sorry for the distance between when this was ACTUALLY recorded, and the time it’s gone up. As I mentioned, this was recorded nearly 3 weeks ago. Sorry about that. Consider this a tester, have a listen and tell me whether you enjoyed it or not, any feedback, all that stuff. Oh yeah, and remind me to use my Headset mic, rather than my Snowball, as I have this awful habit of sitting away from my Mic, especially when I laugh.

In this pilot episode, we talk about the inaugural Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, and why it really didn’t work, a little bit of MotoGP and the future where that’s concerned, the latest driver rumours of Vettel leaving Red Bull for Ferrari (Still a question mark, even if we’re 99% sure), and if Alonso really is heading to McLaren, who does he replace? I’m joined by friends of the show Ryan King (The Formulae), and Gino Van Broecke (The Crekkan on Twitter), and the plan is for episodes to be between 90 minutes and 2 hours long, and if it all works out, the proper episodes, will be on iTunes in the near future. Thanks for listening and if there’s anything else you wanna pass on, let me know.

PS: We kinda recorded this episode in the middle of the Manchester United vs West Brom football match. That MAY have been a mistake.

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